Looking to grow your CFO practice?  Watch this...

So who are we?  At CFO Fusion (a division of Fusion4 Group) we help CFO, Controller and Bookkeeping firms fill their pipeline with more of their ideal clients. We make the process as painless as possible and don't require you to get out of your comfort zone and be all "sales-y."


What makes us different?  We've been in your shoes. 

We've grown our CFO/Controller and Accounting practice, Profit Point Consulting for 11 years.  We've had to juggle developing the new work pipeline and doing the work.  And we know-- it's tough!  


So if you are looking to start a practice, join our webinar and on-line course where I give you an overview on setting up your company and the tools and tips we've used over the years. 


If you have a practice and are looking for more clients, then check out this link  to learn more about our marketing services.

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